Sustainability Network's CSG warning
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By // 19:42, Friday 1 February 2013

twcbluewTHE BAW Baw Sustainability Network has warned Gippsland could become a “wasteland” should coal seam gas mining be allowed in the area.

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The group will run an information weekend on unconventional gas and coal mining next weekend (Feb 9). Event organiser Ursula Alquier said “ordinary people” need to act to stop risks. “Gippsland should be farmland not wasteland,” Ms Alquier said. “Governments all over Australia have shown that they are unwilling to stand up to fossil fuel companies, giving them free reign to put gas fields and new coal mines anywhere they like. “Our government has shown they are unwilling to [protect] local communities [and] to safeguard our water. and to conserve our ability to produce food.”


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