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emma brown truffled eggs warragul baw baw citizen by william pj kulich

EGGS that taste like truffles are not what most people expect to find, but one Warragul Farmers’ Market stallholder has made them reality.

Above: Emma Brown. Photo: William PJ Kulich. PRN01027

First published in the 14 August 2015 edition of the Warragul & Baw Baw Citizen. Click here to read the full edition online.

Emma Brown of Glorious Googies produced them for the Truffle Melbourne Festival, which was held early last month.


“We had a whole lot of black truffle with the eggs and because the egg shells are porous, they absorb the flavour right to the yolk of the egg,” Ms Brown said.

“Because we hand collect, hand clean and haven’t been washed in anything, they give a really nice, natural flavour to the eggs.

“The eggs are free of contamination.

The process of truffling eggs is actually really simple and can be combined with the truffling of other foods. In the image above, Ms Brown is holding a jar of both rice and eggs with truffles.

Not much truffle is required to flavour the eggs, which is good given the notoriously high cost of truffles.

“It has quite a strong aroma so you don’t need a lot with it,” Ms Brown said.

And how strong is the flavour?

“It’s actually a really nice, delicate, smooth flavour,” Ms Brown said.

“It’s different.


“To be honest, the truffle to me by itself isn’t overly appetising, but with the eggs I love it, it’s really nice.”

The truffle eggs will not be at this month’s market through – the seasonal nature of truffles means they will not be available again until next year.

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