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Bringing Diary of a Wombat to life
 Baw Baw Kids  
How do you make a play work when your main character is a mute wild animal? We found out.
We found Wally! – Kids’ author Adam Wallace interviewed
 Baw Baw Kids  
The Baw Baw Citizen sat down with Adam to ask what pulled him into writing, and what exactly makes an Adam Wallace book.
Growing a hub for the whole community
 Baw Baw Food Features  
What lies in the future for the Baw Baw Food Hub? We caught up with Lynda Hoare to find out.
The artists tearing up books to tell the story of our waste
 Baw Baw Features  
You might think people who tear up and scorch books aren’t great fans of the written word, but that’s not true for a group of artists creating a book “sanctuary” in Warragul’s Civic Park.
Warragul Rotary Art Show 2016: a tour
 Baw Baw Galleries   Baw Baw Lifestyle  
Warragul Rotary Club's 2016 art show kicked off on Saturday 19 November. Here are some highlights.
Dogs of the Warragul markets: 19 November 2016
 Baw Baw Lifestyle  
Today's video might be the most important content we have ever published. It features ~many~ doggos.
Luke Watson: drawing a career
 Baw Baw Features  
CITIZEN OF THE WEEK // WHEN children draw, few people think they are training for a future career as an artist. But years as “the drawing kid” in his class set Luke Watson up for a successful career as an illustrator.
Growers’ summer recipes
 At the markets: Baw Baw  
WBBC asked fruit and veg growers at the Yarragon and Longwarry markets what they like to cook with their fresh produce in summer.
Naked food: how you can reduce household waste to one handful
 Baw Baw Food Features   Baw Baw Lifestyle  
LOCAL LIVING // AUSTRALIANS are used to buying packaged produce. We buy bottled water, nuts come in the same wrapping as crisps, and even apples now come plastic wrapped.
Councils still a man’s world
 Baw Baw Features  
BAW BAW // GENDER equality remains a prominent issue in local politics, despite significant progress being made through legislation and social change.
Bucking policy: one on one with Labor's man in McMillan
 Baw Baw Features   Baw Baw News   Federal politics  
McMILLAN // CHRIS Buckingham was selected to be Labor’s candidate for the federal seat of McMillan in May and has been campaigning ever since. WBBC’s William Kulich caught up with him to discuss the budget, coal seam gas, asylum seekers and Bill Shorten.
Covering changes: Lua Lua
 Baw Baw Entertainment   Baw Baw Features  
MUSIC // MANY in Baw Baw are familiar with Mercury White. The band, largely made up of musicians from the region, won an Australian band competition in 2013 and placed fourth in an international competition in Germany the following year.
Canning plan: pushing for street art space
 Baw Baw Entertainment   Baw Baw Features   Baw Baw News  
BAW BAW // STREET art is something many people identify with the laneways of Melbourne, but there has been rising interest in fostering local artistic talent.
Starting the mental health conversation
 Baw Baw Features   Baw Baw News   Gippsland  
GIPPSLAND // MENTAL health indicators and service usage patterns indicate the burden of mental illness on individuals and psychological health services in Gippsland is extremely high.
A taste of America
 At the markets: Baw Baw  
AT THE MARKETS // Those who frequent many of the markets around Baw Baw will recognise Californian couple Carl and Sandra Wenz’s kettle corn stall, but many do not know what it is they sell. WBBC found out.